Welcome to the KJEC Institute!

We are an international education program for university students in South Korea and Japan


The KJEC Institute is a free 12-day intensive educational program located in Honolulu, Hawai’i that brings together 20 university students from Korea and Japan. The program aims to strengthen participants English language abilities, develop their leadership skills, and expand their cross-cultural understanding. Utilizing experiential and project-based learning, the Institute aims to teach the value of international collaboration and encourage the reciprocal exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives in an immersive English environment. 

Are you a university student with a passion for English and an interest in becoming a local and global leader? Click here to learn how to apply to participate in the KJEC Institute!

Program Goals

Social Justice

Expand awareness and understanding of social justice issues from a local and global perspective.


Develop leadership and professional skills and efficacy to create community change.

English Language

Improve English language competencies as a tool for global communication.

Cross-cultural exchange

Increase knowledge of Korean, Japanese, American, and native Hawaiian cultures and the value of international collaboration.

Higher Education

Increase knowledge of higher education opportunities, resources, and student life in the US.

Alumni Network

Build network for future communication and collaboration.

Why Hawai'i

The KJEC Institute selected Hawai'i as our location because beyond the natural beauty, it is home to a number of strong multicultural communities and has historic ties to both Korea and Japan that make it a symbolic destination for learning about cross-cultural communication and collaboration. In addition, Hawai'i is home to the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and one of the Institute’s community partners, the East-West Center, both these institutions provide opportunities and resources that will help us create a meaningful experience for participants.


Special thanks to the Public Diplomacy Section, U.S. Embassy Seoul for funding this program and to East West Center for their nominal support.

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