Frequently Asked Questions

Where will selected participants stay during the program?
KJEC Institute participants will be staying in dorm-style facilities and participants will be expected to share rooms. The exact location will be confirmed at a later date.
What is a sample of the daily schedule?
Students should expect to participate in programming all day through the duration of the Institute. The curriculum focuses on using English as a global language to teach and explore topics including social justice, leadership development, cross-cultural communication and exchange with the aim to grow participants' personal and professional skills, foster future global leaders and learn about U.S. higher education opportunities. The curriculum also includes excursions so students can learn outside the classroom and visit important sites in Hawai’i. Click here to view a sample of the schedule.
Will selected participants have travel insurance through KJEC?
Yes, KJEC will provide travel insurance for participants. Participants are welcome to purchase separate travel insurance as well, but we ask that you notify us and provide us with the information if you decide to purchase outside insurance.
May selected participants change their dates of arrival and departure to extend their trip?
Selected participants will be required to arrive on the assigned date unless there are special circumstances that the participant discusses with the Program Directors ahead of time. Interested participants will be able to extend their stay, but will be responsible to pay any difference in airfare and required to submit proof of plan and insurance for any days following the program completion on June 30th, 2021. Participants extending their departure must complete and submit this travel form by May 4th, 2021.
Can selected participants depart the US from an airport other than the designated one in Honolulu, HI.
Yes, participants will be required to complete the travel form mentioned above. Participants will be required to pay any difference in the cost of airfare. Any changes in travel plans requested after May 4th, 2021 cannot be guaranteed and may result in an additional cost to the participant.
How does the Institute handle disciplinary issues?
The program expects participants to fully participate and act as ambassadors for their home communities. If there are signs of any problematic behavior such as missing class, interpersonal issues, etc. we will handle the matter from a restorative justice approach that is focused on promoting conversation, reflection and learning. KJEC does have a zero-tolerance policy towards alcohol and other drugs. Participants who are of US legal age for alcohol are asked to refrain from any use while participants of the program. The institute reserves the right to send a student home if they display continued poor and unsafe behavior that can cause harm to oneself or others. This is a last-resort policy, with any travel cost being the responsibility of the student.
What is protocol for an emergency?
In the case of an emergency, the participants Emergency Contact will be notified. If the participant is unable to communicate with their Emergency Contact, the Program Directors will be responsible for communication.
I am worried about Covid-19 should I still apply to participate in the program?
The KJEC Institute is monitoring COVID-19 closely in Japan, Korea, and the US (Hawaii). The program will be following guidelines from the CDC and is committed to everyone's safety. We encourage participants to apply as there is a growing chance that the situation will have improved. For selected participants we will be sure to update you with the Covid procedure policy as the date approaches.
Is there a chance the program will be rescheduled?
Due to COVID-19 there is a possibility that the program is postponed or the program will be held in an online format.
Can more than one student from the same university be selected to participate in the Institute?
Yes. We value geographic diversity and hope to have students from colleges spread throughout both countries, but welcome and encourage all students who are interested to apply.
Am I required to complete an official English test (e.g., TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS) to qualify to apply or participate?
No. If students have taken the test we encourage them to submit their scores along with their application, but it is not required.

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