Each year, KJEC selects 4 high schools (2 from South Korea and 2 Japan) and 8 KJEC teachers (4 Native English teachers and 4 Japanese / Korean English teachers) to participate and help lead the program. To ensure the KJEC Experience is free for all participants, we ask that teachers volunteer to help plan and facilitate the program.

School Eligibility:

The school should have the capacity to select six 1st and 2nd grade students to participate in the full 10-days of the program

There should be a Native English teacher working at the school

The school should permit the Native English teacher and Japanese / Korean English teacher to accompany their students on the program if selected 

Preferred School Characteristics:

A high school located outside of Tokyo or Seoul

A school with limited international education opportunities

Schools affiliated with the Fulbright Korea or JET program 

KJEC Teacher Eligibility:

Teachers should have a passion for their students and the spirit to help actualize the mission of the Korea Japan English Camp. We are looking for candidates who are hard working, creative, and adaptable and are motivated to build connections and learning opportunities for all participants. We are seeking teachers who believe in the importance of educational equity and social justice.

Selected teachers will be required to attend camp for the full duration, participate actively in pre-camp planning including selecting six students from their school to participate, and facilitate individual lessons and activities and help chaperone students. Camp is an incredible opportunity for teachers to gain leadership development and build connections with their students and students from different high schools in Korea and Japan. 

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