KJEC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to youth development and international education. Founded in 2017, we recognize that our success is thanks to our community of mentors and supporters who believed in us, while sharing their knowledge and resources to help us grow and thrive. In honoring the spirit of generosity and partnership, we are committed to sharing our own experiences and expertise to help other organizations develop and create positive change.

We provide an array of consulting services to help you succeed in your work and focus on what is most important for your own organization

Help us, help you! Our consulting fees are directly used to fund our youth programs and international experiences, in combination with our grassroot fundraising and grant writing ensures we are able to offer all our programs are FREE for students and teachers.


Needs Assessment
Our service helps you examine and understand the strengths and challenges of your organization and community. Through an informed research and community participatory approach we are able to help you dig into the questions at hand and develop a plan.

Strategic Planning
Our service reviews and collects data to help you make meaning of your organization’s next steps, compiling a report and plan to provide you with a clear direction to maximize your vision and goals.

Leadership Education
Our service is not simply about leadership coaching, it is about helping you enfuse leadership learning within your organizational culture. Through this multifaceted leadership learning approach offers tailored support to help you and or your team to develop and gain new skills, strategies, and perspectives.

Grant Writing
Our service helps you use your time for what matters most. Let us write or edit your grants to help you maintain financial stability and success.

Program Development
Our service helps you transform your ideas into reality. We will work with you and your team for several months to design and implement a new program or analyze and strategize on how to improve a current program.

Program Evaluation
Our service uses an analytical and objective research approach to collect and assess data to help you determine the effectiveness of your program and areas for growth. This valuable information can be used for grant reporting, fundraising campaigns, and program development.

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